You’ve made an investment into your oriental rug, so a professional rug cleaner makes a big difference! Oriental rugs and other fine floor coverings are made to last for generations, so long as they are properly cared for by a trained professional oriental rug and persian rug cleaner. We have a custom-built Full Service Rug Cleaning and Drying shop, and we offer a Pick-Up/Drop-Off service for Greensboro, Summerfield, High Point, and throughout the Triad.

Oriental Rug & Persian Rug Cleaning

Many people in the Triad have found that fine floor coverings make any room stand out.  We are trained and certified in all types of oriental persian rug cleaning to keep your rugs looking their best.

Rug Maintenance

Is your oriental rug sanitary?  The thick pile of fine rugs can become embedded with all kinds of soil which we remove to restore a sanitary state.

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Rug Cleaning Process:

  1. 1.Dry soil removal.  We use a specially designed rug cleaning device called a Rug Badger to gently and thoroughly dislodge all dry embedded soil.  This is an essential step that many carpet and rug cleaning firms skip.

  1. 2.Colorfastness testing.  We use several liquids of varying pH levels to test the colorfastness of rug dyes.  If any dye migration is detected, we can apply dye-locking agents, or move on to dry cleaning.

  1. 3.Cleaning.  Either one of several wet cleaning methods if there is no danger of dye migration, or one of several dry cleaning methods.  We also have a custom-built Oriental Rug Stretching Rack that we designed and built to keep rugs in their original shape while being cleaned.  This allows us to wet clean the most exotic hand made rugs without the danger of shrinking. We also feature a new patent-pending invention of ours called The Evacuator, which allows for incredibly thorough cleaning!

  1. 4.Drying.  For rugs that are in danger of shrinking, we leave them on the Stretching Rack to dry.  For rugs that are in danger of dye migration, we place them on a flat surface and blow clean air over and under them until dry.  For all other rugs, we raise them on our Drying Racks which we designed and built. We’re proud of being able to bring this kind of oriental and persian rug cleaning & maintenance to Greensboro!

Green Cleaning Oriental Rugs

We are now proud to offer Greensboro a Green Cleaning for oriental rugs option, using the latest EPA-approved cleaning agents. These products are guaranteed to be environmentally friendly, rapidly biodegradable and solvent-free.  Ask us about our Green Cleaning option for more info!

the evacuator patent pending rug cleaning invention

Mike’s Patent Pending Invention

For years, we have been working to create a more efficient and effective way of cleaning fine rugs. Now, after a lot of research and development, Mike has released a new patent pending rug cleaning device. Click to read more.

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Oriental Rug Cleaning

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